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It’s Saturday morning and I wake up at 6:45am – I can’t believe the day is here – my first 5k race!

Hyland Hy-5 5k Race

I was so nervous and excited all at once.  I got dress with extra layers as only in Cleveland would it be 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next!  Unfortunately the “next” happened to be my race day.

We got to the race and I started to get butterflies and started to worry.  It was freezing out, the clouds were rolling in and the winds were HOWLING!  I am not kidding we had 30 mph wind gusts going on – it was nuts!  And it’s definitely not the type of weather I was used to running in that is for sure.

Then it was time – we lined up and the gun fired – we were off!  At first I started off way to fast – the race I was running in had spotters and I looked up and noticed I was running with the 8 minute mile group.  WHOA!  I can’t hang with them nor was I going to try.  I moved over and slowed my pace down to around a 1o minute mile.  Then because of my fast mistake when I started, I was getting winded and had to slow to a walk.  I rounded the corner near mile one and SMACK – those wind gusts just hit you in the face!  It was insane…For a good 1/4 mile I had to walk and even that was tough – the wind was making it impossible and I was getting worried.  Then we rounded another corner and the wind wasn’t so much head on anymore.  I was able to get back up to a jog and gain some miles – then another turn and more wind in the face – “When is this going to end?” This is what I kept asking myself.  Finally, the final turn towards the finish and it was wonderful!  The wind was finally co-operating and was on my back which TOTALLY helped!  It was nice running slightly downhill and having a 30 mph winds pushing you forward instead of causing such resistance.

In the end my final time was 38:58.  Not bad for the conditions.  I am certain that if I didn’t have so much wind giving me such a resistance I could have gotten a better time, but I am extremely happy with the outcome and can’t wait to sign up for more races.

For now, I promise to post more updates and going forward I will be training on increasing my speed.  My goal is to run my next race in under 34 min.  I should be able to shave 4 minutes off – Right?

So, whose running with me in my next one?  Any takers????  If I can do it, anyone can!


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Yes, you read that right folks.  Today I almost gave up my hopes of running in a 5k this May.  I kept telling myself that I am not a runner – what was I thinking?  I went out for my first run outside today and let’s just say it did not go as planned!  Yesterday I ran a little over 2 miles on the treadmill and I pushed really hard running at a pace over 5.0mph.  Well I think I pushed to much because today the shin splints are BAD!  I mean can’t move off the couch bad!  BUT I thought maybe I just need to suck it up and go out.  So off I went to do some laps around my neighborhood….My laps (plural) turned into a lap (singular).  I just couldn’t fight through the pain.  So as I was sitting here icing my shins

and catching up on how some virtual friends are doing on Sparkpeople, I came across a blog written by a very motivational girl named Erin, (you can check out her blog post here Erin’s Blog), she blew me away!  In the past two years she has lost over 80lbs just by changing her diet and getting off the couch.  No crazy diet pills or fads, just plain ole common sense!  Not only that, she is currently training to run in a half marathon!

I wish! – I think I will stick to trying to tackle a 5k first.

So, thanks to Erin, my motivation is back.  I mean I know it’s tough and I know I hurt but so does everyone else when they train.  Isn’t that why we have to train?  Back on track it is 5k or BUST!

As far as my nemesis the scale

 – It hasn’t moved all that much – so we are still not on speaking terms!  We hope to become friends really soon but it is just being very stubborn!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Saint Patrick’s Day!

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