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Yes I know this is the top excuse of every fat unhealthy person in America – There is just not enough time in any day to fit in work, social life, home life, and working out!  I was on such a great path – Ran 2.25 miles on Tuesday – Yay Me!  Certainly not at a 5k yet but I am getting close.  It helps when you have Biggest Loser on and you think to yourself these people are 4x my size and they are bustin ass pulling a semi-truck! Damn it 2 miles is NOTHING!

Then it all went downhill – life took over – birthday’s (which came complete with DQ ice cream cake and dinner out) which is certainly not part of my “skinny bitch” diet for sure! And of course my will power is so high I turned down a slice of cake – HA!  Right totally just kidding – I NEVER turn down a piece of cake hence why I am writing this very blog. So no working out yesterday – I could have woke up at 5:30am and ran on the treadmill but I didn’t (not Yay Me!)

Tonight we have a Baseball Fundraiser – which translates to – Fatty bar food and beer with proceeds of what you buy going to some little kids summer baseball team.

How can I deny a child his baseball team?

So again another night of deliciously yummy tasting not so good for you food.  I hope to get home early enough tonight to have a date with my treadmill (don’t tell my husband) – but only time will tell!

So my question to anyone reading this – How do YOU make time for life, work and the dreaded Working out????


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