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So I’ve decided I need a little more interaction from all of you out on the interwebz.  I am going to try to post a poll every once in a while to see what all of you are thinking.  Make sure you answer and leave comments!  Maybe just maybe this will spark up some friendly debates.  So keep your eyes peeled for my Poll of the Day (or week or month).  You get may drift!


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Would You Rather?

As I was sitting here browsing the TMZ website (yes I know it’s a guilty pleasure of mine) it got me thinking – All these super skinny movie stars have everything they could possibly want – good looks, loads of money, and all clothes look amazing on them – but, do you think they are truly happy? Does happiness come with being skinny?   I mean everyday we hear about one of them overdosing or getting a divorce…So I ask you people of the Interwebz –

I would love to hear your reasons below – so please feel free to share!

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So it seems like everyone I know has a birthday in one of two months – March or September!  And with birthday’s comes…You guessed it cake…

Dairy Queen Cake


And as the picture shows, the men in this house always get Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.  I am beginning to think they love it more than me.  And I am not even joking!  Of course I do not have the will power to deny Birthday cake.  I am hoping one day I will just be able to say NO!  I think someone should totally make a commercial you know like the “Just say NO to drugs” ones only it would be “Just Say NO to Cake!” (I think I may totally trademark that one!) All these birthday’s and one upcoming wedding is putting a serious hamper on my goals!

I have recently started logging my miles run on a website I completely recommend to anyone that is a runner – The Daily Mile is a great place to keep track of training as well as meet local people who enjoy running just as much as you – well maybe not enjoy but you get my drift.   I can’t wait to actually start seeing some progress.  I am at about 2.25 miles give or take that I am running at.  My 5k is in 45 days or so – I can do this…right?  I mean I am so close.  (For those of you that are not aware a 5k is 3.16 miles).

I got on the scale and it was actually friendly to me – I am down 2 lbs!  YES!  Two pounds closer to being that Skinny Bitch again! Whoot Whoot!  Now let’s hope the ice cream cake I just devoured ate didn’t do too much damage.  Finger’s Crossed!

Well lovies – off to watch the end of Biggest Loser and then time for bed – Early morning run again tomorrow!

PS – The product placements in The Biggest Loser are a bit much don’t ya think?  I mean I work in advertising and I think it is!

PPS – Happy Birthday to all you March Babies!!!!!  Love you all but I can’t wait for this month to be over with!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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