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Yoga Is Evil!

Okay so today I started my journey full force.  This past weekend the hubs and I decided to go skiing so I am a little cramped and sore (this was only my second time ever)!  My brilliant idea was to take a Yoga class thinking it would be relaxing and a good way to stretch out my muscles.

Boy oh boy – whoever said Yoga was relaxing, well they LIED!

I mean don’t get me wrong I think it is definitely something I could really enjoy.  But don’t let all those “ohmmms” fool you, your first Yoga experience will not be relaxing and it will actually kinda hurt.  I mean who would have thought my back muscles would hurt from Yoga?  Certainly not me!

So there you have it – Yoga experienced and completed!  Yay me!  Let’s hope the next time it is a bit easier on this aging body!!!  (32 is NOT a spring chicken anymore)

Today’s Stats:

  • Stayed within my Calorie Range according to The Daily Plate – if your not using anything to track calories – I highly recommend this site – it’s free and very easy to use.
  • Experienced Yoga  and will definitely be working that into my weekly routine
  • Drank 24oz of water – definitely not enough but more than usual
  • Finally started and posted on this blog I have been wanting to do for weeks!  

Here is to an awesome and hopefully easy week!


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